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ORANGE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Customers of a Columbia County home building company that abruptly closed its doors in April say they can’t get answers.

The money they say they paid the company and now are left with unfinished homes. They reached out to the I-Team for help days after the company closed down.

Frustration, anger, and even desperation, that’s what customers of Vision Home Builders tell Eyewitness News they are feeling right now. 

We are at the headquarters of Vision Home Builders in South Centre Township near Bloomsburg. The Vision Home Builders’ signs have been removed from this property. There was a big sign here and another on that building.  

“We want to have a home back. We just it’s very hard our little kids don’t have a home. We’re ready to be back in our house,” stated Amber Bradshaw, Vision Home Builders customer.

Amber and Ben Bradshaw showed us the foundation at their new home construction site near Bloomsburg.  

“Well Vision took about $181,000 off us that’s what we got for it,” said Amber.

Bradshaw is one of more than a dozen people who say they were left high and dry when Vision Home Builders suddenly and without warning closed its doors in late April.  

We first met Amber Bradshaw days after she says she received an email from Jeffrey McCreary— the owner of Vision Home Builders-saying he had no choice but to cease operations. Citing the COVID pandemic as the major factor that led to the closing.

“Vision has tried every way possible that we know possible to continue operating amid an increasingly dismal financial situation. Loss of revenue has crippled our ability to sustain home building operations,” stated Vision Home Builders.

The name Vision Home Builders has been taken from its offices and the wooden sign here in South Customers. There were vehicles parked on the property Friday, Eyewitness News knocked on the door and looked inside but got no response.

“Yeah, it’s the same question. Where did the money go? Where’s the money at?” said Ron Herbst, Vision Home Builders customer.

We spoke to another customer Ron Herbst on the phone Friday. A month ago he showed us his home construction site near Gordon in Schuylkill County. 

“Total amount we have is probably about $160,000. I believe there was about $30,000 worth of work completed,” stated Herbst.

Herbst, as well as the Bradshaw’s, are both working with Marr Development from Bloomsburg to try to complete their homes.

As Eyewitness News reported in early May officials at Marr Development stepped up after hearing about the dilemma these folks were in and offered to help.

Several customers say they are ready to file lawsuits against Vision Home Builders.

The State Attorney General’s office tells the I-Team they have received 13 complaints from customers of Vision Home Builders.

Eyewitness News once again reached out to Vision Home Builders and their Attorney for comments, we have not yet heard back.