This Outdoor Furniture Set Will Literally Keep You Cool, and 3 Other New Home Releases

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Outer White Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Zeph Colombatto

Outer is already making some of the best outdoor furniture in the game, but now it’s released its coolest thing yet. Outer took its already-great patio furniture and gave it a white aluminum frame. While aluminum is already anti-overheating, this new white powder coating contains reflective pigments that deflects infrared light, which Outer says stays 20 percent cooler to the touch. And like the other pieces in its lineup, the furniture is weather resistant, and it’s guaranteed to last for over 10 years.

Price: $745+


Five Two Down-to-Earth Compost Bin

five two down to earth compost bin


Wait, you’re not composting already? Well at least you held out for this beautiful compost bin from Five Two (because compost bins can in fact be beautiful). These 1.5-gallon compost bins have a lid that’s designed to mask odors, and with its extra-large size you can wait longer before going to your composting site and not have to worry about smells.

Price: $49


Magic Spoon Cereal Bars

magic spoon cereal bars

Magic Spoon

We were already pretty impressed with Magic Spoon’s healthier take on our favorite childhood cereals. Now you can take that on the go with the brand’s new cereal bars, which are available in cocoa peanut butter and cookies and cream. Each bar has just one gram of sugar, four grams of net carbs and 10 grams of protein.

Price: $39


Joya & Lucali Brooklyn Pizzeria Candles

joya and lucali brooklyn pizzeria candles


Lucali is one of the most popular pizza places in Brooklyn — and now your home can smell like Lucali. In partnership with Joya, a candle brand, Lucali has made four candles to bring the aromas of a pizzeria to anywhere. The pair is offering four scents: roasted garlic, brick oven, spiked espresso and herbs. No, candles are not edible.

Price: $48+


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