The Property Brothers Share Furniture Trends, What Completes a Home

Since “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are famous for designing and renovating houses, it makes sense that they’d also be interested in having a hand in what goes into those houses: the furniture.

The brothers recently collaborated with furniture retailer Living Spaces on a new collection of 90 pieces—including sectionals, dining sets, rugs, and accessories—designed to be reflections of the brothers’ own homes in California. (Drew’s style is “old Hollywood,” while Jonathan’s is “laid-back California.”)

Curious to learn more, we joined a panel of journalists to interview the Scott brothers on their top furniture tips, what they’ve been up to lately with their own home renovations, and much more you’ll be surprised to know.

What was your favorite piece of furniture as a child?

Drew: When we were growing up, we had a plaid sofa that we would all squeeze onto: our parents, three kids, plus our puppy. I remember thinking it was comfy and cozy, but let’s give people a few more options where they can flex a bit, and have more options on the way it lays out, depending on your space.

You have designed over 500 homes. How have your renovations inspired this line of furniture?

Jonathan: The important thing to remember is that trends change, styles change, but there are some elements that are just timeless. They just extend, and they live on, and they look beautiful.

We want to bring families something that’s going to be a good investment. We have a crazy rule that we design products that we think will make your life easier. We look at those trends that have gone on for a really long time.

Drew, we know that you and Linda are expecting. How do you find furniture that’s kid-friendly but also stylish?

Drew: One of the big struggles that people have is to figure out what comes first, style or safety. That’s why a lot of our pieces have rounded corners, where you have that safety for children.

In my living room, I actually have some chairs I love. They’re a beautiful midcentury modern look. But they have supersharp corners. I actually broke a toe on one of those chairs. And so we have those and our coffee table that we’re swapping out for some of our pieces that have rounded corners.

Jonathan, we know that you recently purchased a house with Zooey Deschanel. How are those renovations going?

Jonathan: Like everyone else in the world, there are so many logistical delays. But we’re getting there. This is the first time I’ve ever designed a dream home for myself with my partner, who fortunately has amazing taste. So we’ve designed the house to solve all of our issues, whether it’s hosting the kids’ birthday parties or having friends over. We’re trying to make sure that we incorporate all that into every space.

One of our most important decisions we make is about furniture. We’re trying to make sure that we have furniture that pays homage to the era of the home—it’s almost a 100-year-old home—but something that is also going to stand up to kids. Kids are rough on stuff.

Drew: When Linda and I were designing our house, we were kind of butting heads a little bit on some of the elements, like who gets more of the closet space. I won; I got more of it. So I was wondering [to Jonathan] if there was anything that you and Zoey were butting heads on?

Jonathan: This is Drew’s argument when we were building the main suite closet in their room. I was on the other floor, and I could hear Drew trying to negotiate Linda down: “Well, you’re only about half my size, so how about if you only have 30% of the closet? Your clothes are smaller.” And then she’s like, “No, but I have more of them.” So they went back and forth and landed on 60-40.

Zooey and I, we were pretty good. There were a few funny things, like Zooey is anti-recessed lighting, so she doesn’t want any recessed lighting. Not that I think recessed lights are amazing, but I like to also see. And so, you know having that kind of a blend is important.

Complete this sentence: No home is complete without a really great ———

Drew: No home is complete without a really great set of twins! No, no home is complete without a really great sectional that you can adapt to your space to make it perfect. Picture get-togethers with family and friends, movie nights with the family, whatever you’re doing, it makes it feel like home.

Jonathan: I would finish that by saying no home is complete without the perfect vibe.

Drew: It’s really nice when you walk into a space and the moment you walk in, you see the personality of the people who live there—that’s what I love. I mean, if you have that little bit of glam or that little classic style, and that’s what you see when you walk into that space, it’s perfect.

Jonathan: Fortunately Drew’s wife, Linda, has lots of style, so it makes up for Drew.

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott

(Living Spaces)

Jonathan: One of the things that I think is so important is finding pieces that can be multipurpose. That’s what I like about a modular system for a sectional, is how can we change it up. Having the ability to mix and match is super important.

Drew: People went very structured for a long time, trying to have a more structured contemporary look. But we love the idea of even if you do want something that’s a little more structured, you can bring in comfort, or a relaxation element.

Are neutrals in or out?

Jonathan: It’s important to realize that with design, neutral can be a great thing. So when you look at a lot of these tones, they’re neutral but they’re not in any way boring. They’re beautiful, and there’s another story to be told from the textures of the fabrics.

Is there one hard and fast design rule you think all homeowners should follow?

Jonathan: We do say that every room in your design should have a focal point, a statement piece. Whether it’s a chandelier, a rug, art, sofa. Whatever it is, you get to choose what that is, and seamlessly blend in the rest.

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott
Drew and Jonathan with a bed from their collection

(Living Spaces)

What are the most common furniture buying mistakes that you see people making?

Jonathan: Size is so important. You will get someone who sees something beautiful and says, “Oh my gosh, I want it,” and they get it home and they realize, “Well, now you have to turn sideways to shimmy past it to get into the next room.”

Make sure you measure everything out. Every iPhone has a measuring app built into it. Make sure size is being thoughtfully considered.

Drew: Another thing is that a lot of people will say, “I love this.” They’ll buy it. Then another thing, “I love that!” Then they’ll buy that. And they’re jumping around buying all these different elements. And I’m all for an eclectic design—you don’t want everything to be all matchy-matchy-matchy. However, sometimes people get all these different items, and then they realize it all just doesn’t work together.