Interior design: How to ‘instantly’ make any room feel bigger – ‘one of the best ways’

When it comes to home decor, everyone has different preferences and styles they like. Next has worked with different interior design gurus to answer some of the most common questions that homeowners are asking Google this year, including how to make a small bedroom look bigger.

With more than 22,800 searches per year or 1,900 per month, many people are wondering what to do with a small space.

Nomita Vaish-Taylor, Founder and Editor at, said: “The temptation in a small bedroom is to use every inch of space but this is exactly what you shouldn’t do.

“Instead leave space and your bedroom will instantly look bigger.

“Invest in multifunctional furniture that can maximise storage.

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“Why these colours work so well is because they reflect light, making your room seem naturally bigger, even if the physical space doesn’t quite feel that big.

“You can also add shelving on your walls and use wardrobes without doors to make the room feel a little bigger, although this won’t have as great of an impact as re-decorating your space.”

Adding mirrors into a small room can also make it feel bigger because they reflect both natural and artificial light.

Another popular question asked on Google was how to share a small bedroom space, with 19,200 searches each year.

Sharing a small bedroom may be hard, which is why one expert recommended using “zoning”.

Ellie Newman, Trainee designer at Frame Homes, commented: “Zoning is important. In this instance, lighting can zone perfectly within a bedroom.

“Bedside lights and dressing table/drawer lights can divide these areas subtly, turning each off when using one area of the room.

“Different accents in areas can also divide rooms, these accents could be a change in colour of accessories or a furniture colour change.”

To help save money, many people may turn to upcycling furniture in the entire home, not just in the bedroom.

Next unveiled that search queries around upcycling and painting advice dominated the top 10 across each room of the home.

Meg Barrington, Kitchen interiors expert at TAP Warehouse, said: “Interior design trends are ever-changing.

“However, it’s sustainable and economic to keep our interior design foundations similar all year round, and just switch up the changeable things in our homes without transforming the whole design.

“Updating paint colours, accessories and wall art is a great way to freshen up our interior design and this can be done every few months to reflect the seasons.

“For example, more pastel, cool colours and great for spring/summertime, and warm, cosy tones work well for autumn and winter.”