I’m an interior designer – there are 3 things you can do to make your home look fancy and it won’t cost more than $10

DECORATING your home is hard enough, but once you factor in messiness from kids and general life, things can get shoddy pretty fast.

But there are a few simple solutions to give your home a more expensive feel if that’s your aim, according to interior designer Marissa Pellegrini.


Interior designer Marissa Pellegrini said there are three things people do in their homes that make them look cheap, but luckily they are easy fixesCredit: TikTok/barelykeepingittogether
Pellegrini said an easy way to make your house feel more expensive is to hide all of your cord clutter


Pellegrini said an easy way to make your house feel more expensive is to hide all of your cord clutterCredit: TikTok/barelykeepingittogether


For most families, the living room is the place to gather around.

But cord clutter hanging from the TV adds unnecessary messiness to the room.

Instead, Pellegrini suggested in a social media video that you can hide the cords by drilling a hole behind the wall.

“Some of you might be like ‘Well I’m a renter I can’t do that,’ well still do it,” she said.

“You can do two things. One: either your landlord’s going to be happy you’ve made this improvement because now other tenants can do this.

“Or two: you can fix the hole really easily.”

For a more renter-friendly option, you can hide your cords by installing a cord cover.

At Walmart, they start at around $8 depending on the size needed, plus you can even paint them to match your walls.


Although hanging up your kid’s fingerpaintings is a great way to show off their creativity, Pellegrini advised hiding them from your fridge if you want a more expensive-looking home.

Things like kid drawings, number and letter magnets, and fridge toys make your house look really cheap, she said.

“If you’re having guests over, just clean it up and get everything off if you want it to look higher-end, if not, do you boo,” Pellegrini added.


Lastly, the general design of your home could contribute to its messiness.

Instead of haphazardly throwing things about, try to create specific places for your things to go, suggested Pellegrini.

“If everything has a place and you use a minimalistic design, it’s going to look so much more luxurious.”

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Although cute, Pellegrini suggested removing your kids' art and toys from the fridge for a more "high-end" look


Although cute, Pellegrini suggested removing your kids’ art and toys from the fridge for a more “high-end” lookCredit: TikTok/barelykeepingittogether

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