Detroit couple missing for 11 years was last seen leaving apartment after argument

DETROIT – Randall Childs and Karen Young have been missing for 11 years.

The couple was last seen at 11:30 p.m. on June 7, 2011 at the Roberts III Apartments in Detroit.

The family told Crime Stoppers that Childs, his roommate, Young, and some other friends were all at the apartment.

At some point, Childs and Young got into an argument and Young called her daughter to pick her up. Childs walked Young from his 6th-floor apartment to make sure she met her ride safely.

That was the last time either of them have been seen.

“Everywhere I go I’m looking for my brother,” Child’s sister Sharon Murray said in 2019. “It is very difficult to go on living a normal life when a part of you is missing. You go on and you do the best you can, but a piece of our puzzle is missing. A lot of people don’t even want to say Randall’s name because it’s too hurtful to say his name but he is my brother and he is real and we need to find him. So we are begging and pleading with you to come forth if you know anything.”


Childs attended Northern High School in Detroit. While there, he was active on the baseball team and a member of the choir. He loved to sing and write poetry. Childs was employed as a cook at Pasquales in Royal Oak, and also served as a neighborhood handyman when needed. He is a member at St. Marks COGIC, and the father to four children.

Childs’ family said they were very close and he would have never left for this long without contacting them. They want answers.

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Details Randall Glynn Childs Karen Vanessa Young
Age Missing 50 52
Age Now 61 62
Height 5′9′’ 5′ 2″ – 5′ 3″
Weight 140-150 lbs 130 lbs
Hair Black Brown
Eyes Black Brown
Scar/Mark Small scar on left side of nose Dark birthmark on front of neck, scar on arm near elbow
Clothing Blue jeans, white t-shirt, white gym shoes Wore glasses

Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak Up if you have any information. All tips to Crime Stoppers are anonymous. Click here to submit a tip online.


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