Contractor to lay off 60 at Fort Irwin’s Army National Training Center

An Orlando, Florida-based subcontractor is laying off 60 workers at Fort Irwin in less than three weeks after the company declined a contract handling critical functions for the U.S. Army National Training Center’s warzone simulations.

PULAU Corp., a global provider of military “training, logistics and supply chain management” according to its website, told California’s Employment Development Department this month it “will be permanently laying off all employees working on the (Training Support Services-Enterprise) Range Sustainment contract” in Fort Irwin — 48 workers at Building 6100 Barstow Road and 12 workers at Bicycle Lake Army Airfield 6201A Westbrook Ave. — “at the close of business on April 16, 2022, or on the employee’s last working day of that week.”

The cause of the layoffs, according to the March 15 state filing, is that the company that first tapped PULAU as a subcontractor at the Army training complex in 2016 — Alexandria, Virginia-based CALIBRE Systems Inc. — “informed PULAU that it would not exercise our upcoming option year commencing on April 17, 2022.”