Buckeye man accused of breaking into ex-girlfriend’s apartment, assaulting her

BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Officers say a man who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and assaulted her was arrested in Buckeye on Monday. Police say Andrew Althaus, 29, is accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend and beating up and attempting to shoot another man.

Althaus and an unknown accomplice broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment through a bedroom window early Monday morning. Althaus had just recently moved out days before. According to court documents, Althaus ran past his ex-girlfriend while holding a gun and ran toward a man sitting in the living room. While he started pistol-whipping him, the accomplice began beating another man in the room with a small metal baseball bat. The ex-girlfriend began filming the two men on her phone.

Court documents say the victim was able to get the bat out of the accomplice’s hands and escaped by jumping out of a bedroom window. Althaus tried to shoot the victim as he was trying to escape. The shot missed and went through the wall into the apartment next door. Fortunately, no one inside was injured.

Both Althaus and his accomplice started kicking the first man, and Althaus attempted to shoot the man again. According to court paperwork, Althaus then took his ex-girlfriend’s phone, forced her into the bathroom, and made her kneel down while he was still holding the gun. Police say he then asked her if she loved him. She told police later that she looked up at him and said yes, afraid for her life, court documents state.

According to court paperwork, Althaus said they were going to take her “out to the desert”. The woman later told police that she believed he was going to take her out there to kill her. The accomplice grabbed the woman’s purse while Althaus forced her out of the apartment and down the stairs. She broke away and ran across the parking lot while bystanders called the police.

Althaus and his accomplice ran into a nearby neighborhood, and Althaus dropped his gun in some bushes, according to court paperwork. When police found his car, they found 673 M30 pills inside and a small metal baseball bat. Court documents say Althaus hid out for 13 hours at a friend’s house where he’d been living before his friend told police.

Althaus turned himself in but would not answer officers’ questions. According to court documents, police say he was under the influence during the crime, and that he has made various domestic violence threats in the past as well as kidnapping and stalking behavior. The man Althaus pistol-whipped has multiple fractures in his face and needed staples.

He has been charged with 2 charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, 2 counts of endangerment, and 1 count of the following: aggravated assault serious physical injury, deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, kidnapping, death, injury, sex felony, discharge firearm in city limits, burglary first degree, narcotic drug possession and use, drug paraphernalia possession and use.